Frozen Vending Machine


5G- CTI - 900DFEVM - 21


Frozen Vending Machine

Delivery Method

Conveyor belt, spring& Lift Mechanism 


21.5” Touch Screen, Used for Goods Display, Selection,

UPI Payment Advertising & Settings

Outside Dimensions

H: 1946mm, W: 1380mm, D: 870 mm 


480 - 500kg

Merchandise type

54choices (Packed Ice creams, Milk pockets, Frozen food,

canned /bottle/box-packed product)

Storage Capacity

About 150-250pcs (according to size of goods)

Interior Storage

6 Trays

Refrigeration temperature

Lowest can reach -18 with surrounding temperature

35 & 75% Rh(adjustable)


1300Watt, Peak Power/Defrost: 2500Watt

Safe measure

Doorwith lock,stopcold air leaking and protect goods. With Anti-theftBoard.

View panel

Tempered glass (5mm), with defogging

Payment System

UPI (Digital Payment), Paper money, Coin, (MDB Protocol)

Standard interface


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